Issue 10 7/99

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Beach party; photo by The Mollis

The summer has arrived. We realized that on the 'Tanz und Folk Festival' in the lovely German town Rudolstadt. Especially on festival saturday it was so hot, that everybody tried to get into a shade, even if it was very small. Sometimes the space in front of the stage was nearly empty, but the places in the shadow near the buildings were crowded.
But never the less, I don't want to say anything angainst it - for the best atmosphere on a festival is the sun the right thing...
Some festivals have already taken plyce, but there are much more to come this summer. We announced in our last issue a tour through continental European folk festivals, this time we present the Isle of Bute Folk Festival in Scotland. For sure there is much more - if you attend a festival, and you want to say somethin about it, please sent us a mail.

Have a nice summer with loads of sun and music!

Your FolkWorld Editors.

Photo Credit: Beach party at Isle of Bute Folk Festival, phot by The Mollis.

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